1/818 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn 3122

Mon-Thu   10am-5pm

          fri   10am-6pm

          Sat   9am-5pm

         Sun   11am-4pm


Baisemain, an archaic noun meaning ‘A kiss of the hand; thus, a sign of respect’.
Baisemain was established in 2017 as a fashion boutique for both Men and Women that prides itself on being modern, fun and easy-going. It comprises a selection of International and Australian brands that are carefully selected to suit a variety of persons and occasions. 
True to its name - Baisemain aims to respect individual differences in style and modern fashion pieces from both well known designers to up and coming individuals breaking into the fashion industry.
The store prides itself on having an easy-going atmosphere, fun and vibrant aesthetics and an 'everybody is welcome' approach to fashion. We also absolutely love coffee so have implemented a take away store to give an extra vibe to your shopping experience. 
The team at Baisemain is always here to help both for an online enquiry or when you pop in and say hello in our Hawthorn store to experience the true Baisemain we strive to denote. 

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